Jesus you are
av Jøran Ingvaldsen

Tekst: Jøran Ingvaldsen
Melodi: Jøran Ingvaldsen — 2003


Jesus you are

T/M : Jøran Ingvaldsen Høst 2003.

c-dur, tempo 92

C Am7
Jesus you are wonderful to me
Fmaj7 G11
Everything I need is you
C Am7
Harmony in every part of me
Fmaj7 G11 C
Jesus, so wonderful you are.

Fmaj7 C/e
Being here with you gives peace into my mind
Am7 G6 Fmaj7/d E74 E
You are giving me direction and faith that leads me on.
Fmaj7 C/e
Like rivers from the mountain returning to the sea.
Am7 F#m7-5 Fmaj7 E74/h E/d
Faithful every day in all you do and say

Jesus you are....

Savor in my life, redeemer of my soul
You changed all within me-I'm shining new.
I choose to believe in you the only way
Am7 F#m7-5 Fmaj7 E74/h G6/a A
A life eternally To you I will say:

Jesus you are...(D-dur)