I stand before You, Lord
av Arne B. Kråkenes med band

Tekst: Arne Bjørsvik Kråkenes
Melodi: Arne Bjørsvik Kråkenes — 2014


I stand before You, Lord – seeking your face.
I’m empty handed – once again I need Your grace.
And You give it – and you give it to me now.
Light shines from Your face, upon me.

And in Your presence, Lord, I open up my heart.
For You to see it all – the wrongs that I have done.
And You take it – and you take it all away.
Once again You do – forgive me.

You are the King of kings, the eternal “I am”.
You are almighty, everything is in Your hand.
And you love me – and You love me as I am.
You died for me because – You love me.

And I love You – and I love You, You’re my Lord.
Everything I have – You gave me.